What It Takes To Be A Good Commercial Photographer

Photography-1It takes skill, passion, commitment and undying dedication to be a good photographer. But more often than not, these qualities are hardly sufficient for anyone who wants to make a living out of photography. You have no choice but to have more ‘tricks’ up your sleeve. That is just how challenging commercial photographer sydney is. To break even, consider the following points: Continue reading

Portrait Photography Basics

1. Keep It Simple: Don’t overdo it! Especially when keeping it simple and straightforward produces the best results, as a rule. Ensure that your subject feels natural and relaxed as they can. Keep the lighting as straightforward as possible. With even the simplest of equipment, you will capture some great images.

2. Focus On The Eyes: Direct eye contact is critical in everyday communication between people.

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Best Photography School

With the recent increase in photography schools all throughout the United States, as well as a continual expansion of photography career opportunities, the choice of which place to pick has become harder than ever before. Of course, because every student’s standard of “the best school” is entirely relative, no school has been awarded with this great title, though it is highly desired.

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